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Year Review 2022

2022 has been a productive and interesting year for me professionally. I made seven solo exhibitions, participated in three group exhibitions, and attended one residency. Here is a summary.


The first exhibition this year was also my most important one so far - my first solo exhibition with Buer Gallery in Oslo. I titled it Pace&Pound after the two series that dominated the show. The two biggest works were produced during my residency at KH Messen in Ålvik, Hardanger. Read more about the exhibition here.


Immediately after the opening at Buer Gallery, I travelled to Sandnessjøen in the north of Norway to open my second exhibition titled Bilderberg in Kulturbadet, a gallery within the new cultural centre. Here I exhibited this series differently than in the exhibition Shadow Government where it was shown for the first time (except for a few of the works in my show at Kragerø Kunstforening). I split it up into smaller groups. Read more here.


Next was Real Thing, opening in February at Konstepidemin in Göteborg, Sweden. I only exhibited this new series featuring small objects connected to my paintings. Read more here.


It was followed by Labour, opening in March at Galleri Moment in Ängelholm, Sweden, operated by Ängelholms Kunstforening. It was handy as I could pick up my artwork in Göteborg on the way down. It was titled after a diptych but many of the works evolved around the notion of labour in different ways. Read more here.


In April I opened Fifty-Fifty at Ålgården in Borås. It is an artist-run space with workshops and a beautiful gallery in an old power station. Besides the title series (which didn't turn out as big as I planned) I exhibited a few of the works from my previous show at Buer Gallery. Again I managed to combine installing with picking up the works in Ängelholm. Read more here.


The last thing for the season was the annual summer exhibition at Buer Gallery. This time titled Summersault. I participated with two works. Read more here.


After the summer break, where I, among other things, travelled to Morocco, I did an exhibition titled A Rock And A Hard Place at Aurskog-Høland Kunstforening in Norway. Covid had postponed it for over two years. The gallery was situated in an old rectory from the eighteenth century. Read more here.


The last solo exhibition this year was Swedish Conditions at Rælingen Kunstforening. It was a small exhibition where I shared the space with painter Vigdis Søvik. The gallery is n an old cabin from the seventeenth century. Read more here.


In November I went to Istanbul for a three-week residency facilitated by Blue Rhino Art Consultancy. It was an amazing experience. We were 23 international artists staying at Vialand Palace Hotel, living and working together. The residency ended with a group exhibition in the Akaratler building in central Istanbul. Read more here.


I did a few participatory art events this year, TABLES Pound at Buer Gallery, TABLES Ball at Konstepidemin and nine titled We Are Many at Aurskog Høyland Kunstforening. They were executed with youth from junior high schools in the area. The produced works from these last events will be exhibited at Oslo Projektrom in April 2023.


Here are some random pics from my work in the studio and elsewhere this year.


These works were produced in 2022. 39 individual works. Some of them are multipanelled or part of diptychs and triptychs.


Sales were ok. Online sales went down, probably because of bad times, and one of my partners decided to add shipping after the sales price instead of having it included, which resulted in a hike in my prices at their site. But it will pick up, I guess. Sales from exhibitions improved during this year.


That's all folks!


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