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Bilderberg | Kulturbadet

Photo: Jakob Sjöstedt

Kulturbadet is a public building in Sandnessjøen in Nordland, Norway. Besides gallery, it houses pools, a cinema and a library. It was a 1000km drive from Oslo to install the works and participate in the opening. But I decided it was worth it because the space looked very good and it was a very long exhibition period, two whole months. I had to stay overnight in Trondheim both on the trip there and back. It was dark and rainy when I arrived. The staff was very friendly and helpful and the mounting of the works went smooth. I had rented a room in a local hotel with no staff for three days, but it was nice and clean and close to the gallery. Every morning I had breakfast at Fröken Lovise, a very cosy cafe.


Here are some images of the installing and of the empty streets of Sandnessjøen.


There were not many people at the opening due to covid and bad weather. But the few who were there were very interested and I had a great time. Unfortunately, I didn't take any photos, but I had a superb dinner at a classy restaurant after. The trip back to Trondheim were hazardous with a lot of snow and almost no visibility, so I had to stay an extra day there to rest before continuing to Oslo.


I got an excellent article in the local paper promoting the exhibition and one more after the opening by Kari-Ann Dragland Stangen who was one of the few present at the opening. She was very curious and her writing is actually some of the better texts I read about my work.


Here is documentation of the works. See a video presentation of the exhibition on my Instagram.



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