FACTS AND RECORDS Høybråten skole, Oslo. Completed 2007

Commissioned work for Høybråten primaryscool in Oslo, Norway.
The idea of the piece comes from my childhood fascination of a book I owned about facts and records. The work uses interesting and fascinating facts, and tries to trigger curiosity and a sense of wonder in the viewer.
The oak bars below the images is also part of the work. All pieces except one is inserted into the brickwall of the building.

RIKKE GUNDERSEN Byneset Sykehjem, Trondheim. Completed 2005

Public comission, Byneset sykehjem Norway. To this project 15 year old Rikke Gundersen was given a disposal camera with the assignment to document a week in her life. The work is made from three of the pictures she took.

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