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Labour | Galleri Moment

Photo: Niklas Gustavsson

Galleri Moment is a joint venture between Ängelholms municipality and Ängelholms konstförening (art association). I was invited to do an exhibition here already in 2021 but it was postponed due to the pandemic. This year it finally happened. The installation coincided with the end of my exhibition at Konstepidemin in Göteborg so I travelled there on my way to Ängelholm and picked up the works from that exhibition first. Originally the plan was to show some of the works again, but I decided to exhibit only new works instead. 2021 was a very productive year for me (not much else to do) so I had plenty of un-exhibited pieces.

I titled the show after my two Labour works. I felt the topic was relevant for the other works as well.

The gallery is in a modern communal building and was newly refurbished. It was an interesting architecture with many open spaces and passages. The building also houses a public library and a restaurant so the gallery is well attended.

I made a small SoMe campaign and the gallery set up a Facebook event.


I treated myself to a nice hotel by the name of Hotel Lilton. It was right by the gallery and very comfortable and cosy. The installation went very smooth. I used the gallery laser spirit level. I must get myself one of those.


Photo: Niklas Gustavsson

There were no less than two reporters with photographers visiting the day before the opening, asking a lot of questions. You can read the article in Helsingborgs Dagblad here and on here. I enjoyed it very much!


The opening was pleasant with a small but interested crowd and I was well introduced by the chairwoman of the art association through a combined speech, interview and walkthrough of the exhibition. My friend Magnus Sjöbleke visited from Halmstad and we went out afterwards for beer and a shrimp sandwich. An extra thank you to Nina Wenedikter from Ängelholm municipality who was very helpful through the whole process!


Here is documentation of the exhibition.


When I came to pitch up the works I learned that Ängelholm municipality had purchased the two title works. Yay!


Order the poster below.


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