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Pace&Pound | Buer Gallery

In January 2022 I hade ny first solo exhibition with Buer Gallery. I worked towards the show for more than a year. I was very anxious that it would get postponed due to the Covid pandemic but luckily we could execute it almost as planned. The opening had some restrictions but that was never any problem. It was a bit sad that the bars were closed, but we had a nice after party at my place instead, which were joined by Theo Ågren and Björn Hegardt who had an opening at Bærum Kunsthall the same evening.

I produced two posters and cards to market the exhibition, and a booklet about the two main series. The posters were plastered outside in the area around the gallery.

And I did an Instagram teaser campaign.


I had excellent help from the gallery installing the work. It went super smooth!

Before the opening I produced a new Pace work in the gallery. The title is Back And Forth Pace. It was exhibited as a work in progress directly on the gallery floor.

I will supplement this post with the finished work when its ready.


The opening was so much fun! It was over too quickly.


I did a participatory event as usual. This time titled TABLES Pound.

This is the result so far. I will supplement this post with the finished work when its done.


Here is documentation of the works. Most photos Thomas Widerberg.


I got a great review in the national paper Dagsavisen by Lars Elton.


This was my biggest, most ambitious exhibition to this day. Thank you to Tonje at the gallery for letting me do this!


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