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Real Thing | Galleri Konstepidemin

Photo: Jakob Sjöstedt

Photo: Jakob Sjöstedt

I opened an exhibition on February 11 at Galleri Konstepedemin in Göteborg. Konstepidemin is a large artist collective in an old epidemic hospital. They run several gallery spaces and I exhibited together with three other artists in adjacent rooms - Caroline Monnet, Ingvild Hovland Kaldal and Ida Brattmo. As usual, I transported the works myself and during the installation, I stayed in the Grindstugan, the small guesthouse that artists can rent for a reasonable price.

This is what the SoMe campaign looked like.


For this exhibition, I had to transport a lot of stones and other stuff in addition to my works.


Before the opening, the gallery treated us to a nice lunch at the restaurant on the premises. And the opening was great! Almost 300 persons. It was the first weekend after a longer lockdown due to covid, so there was a lot of anticipation. At one point there even were fireworks! Many of my old friends showed up that I hadn't seen for a long time, and my brother brought a whole crowd. After, we went to a Czech place nearby and had food and beer. A perfect night!


I did a participatory event as usual. This time titled TABLES Ball.

I will supplement this post with the finished work when it's done.


Here is documentation of the works. I closed the shutters for the documentation. But Jakob Sjöstedt from the gallery managed to to take some good photos with them open. Like this one:


All the works are from the Real Thing series. You find them here.

And I sold this work to the city of Göteborg! Photo Jakob Sjöstedt.

#344 Iceberg

See a video of me presenting the exhibition on my Instagram account here.



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