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We Are Many | Oslo Prosjektrom

I made a small exhibition at Oslo Prosjektrom showing the nine works I made as participatory art events with 14-year-old students from Bråte, Aursmoen and Bjørkelangen secondary schools in the fall of 2022. It was organised by Aurskog-Høland Kunstforening in connection to an exhibition I did there in collaboration with Den Kulturelle Skolesekken. It is a governmental organisation facilitating contemporary art for schools.

The exhibition was open from the beginning of April, visible from the windows, but I held a proper opening on April 14. Then it was open on Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays. The gallery is a non-profit artist-run space, and I had to monitor the exhibition myself. A few times, I had help from my kids, Nilas and Kosh-An.


Here are some pics from installing.


The opening was fun. Not too many people, but good friends and family. After a few of us had a nice dinner and drinks at my favourite pub, both the gallery and the pub are very close to where I live.


When the students did the artwork, each class was assigned to place 99 stones in a panel placed on the floor. They did this one by one, so the pattern and composition of each work occurred dynamically. You can read more about the ideas behind this project on the product pages of the works. Four panels were installed in the gallery as a work-in-progress installation during the exhibition at Aurskog-Høland Kunstforening.


Here is a video from my SoMe promotions of me swirling in the gallery.


I was very happy with the documentation though the ceiling was quite low.


Order the poster below.


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