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Legacy | Klippans Konsthall

The first exhibition this year was at Klippans Konsthall in Skåne, south of Sweden. It is a very small town, but as it turns out, they have a great public art space designed by architect Karin Pettersson! It is located next to the library so it was also well visited. I showed two new large works and the new series Social Engineering, as well as some other medium-sized works. Read a short description in the press release above.


I rented a car as usual and travelled the 500km down from Oslo. The two large works were a bit tricky to install but everything turned out really good, I think. There was a very long wall that fitted most of the Social Engineering series.

The local art association responsible for the exhibitions did a great job with marketing. It was fun to see my name on the big banner and posters outside the building.

I rented a room in a quaint boarding house called Norrehus, close to the gallery. Although unmanned at night, they made lovely breakfast plates that I and the one other guest could find in the fridge in the morning.

When the installation was done I had time to visit the exquisite St. Petri Chapel designed by Sigurd Lewerentz, the other hallmark besides the kunsthalle that Klippan is famous for.

Otherwise, I noticed that Klippan had a lot of these big black birds in the trees. At first, I thought it was ravens, but I think it is rooks.


There was a small but interested crowd at the opening, and I had a great time!

After the opening, I drove to Copenhagen for a vacation weekend. I managed to book a room twice the price I estimated, but it was very nice indeed. I saw a lot of art and had typical Danish "smørrebrød" in Nyhavn.


Here is the documentation. Using mainly natural light I think it turned out amazing!


Order the poster below.


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