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Res Ipsa | Osterøy Kunstlag

In June I did an exhibition for Osterøy Kunstlag in their venue Galleri Mjøsvågen. Birgit Eide, Els Geelen and Martha Nerhus also exhibited in adjecent rooms. The gallery was very pittoresque in located in one of a small group of old houses in the village of Hosanger on the Osterøy island. There was also a tree shoe factory museum and a very nice cafe. They were all right next to the water, and when I picked up the works afterwards I was able to take a swim in the fjord. During my stay I rented a room on the other side of the island from a polish guy. The exhibition was part of the season opening and there was a big turn out despite not so good weather. The trip there was also very beautiful. I will post some pictures later.

Some pictures from the the opening. I was very happy I managed to execute SIT DOWN For Equality but the room was too small for doing TABLES as I had planned.




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