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Winter Solstice 2018 Poems to Orpheus

As usual, as participated in Vandalerforening and Hanan Benammars annual event. The venue changes every year and now it was held at Teknisk Museum in Oslo. It was the first time inside an institution. This year I decided to make a sort of workshop instead of showing works. I have started a project called Pledges which entails participants making a pledge, or a promise, to themselves which they write on the back of a frame I made. Afterwards, I fill the frame with filler and let the participant "seal" the pledge by drawing a vertical line in it. After the filler has dried I finish the works. At the event, there were seven slots to make a pledge. To my relief, there were immediate interest to take part in the project, and the seven slots were filled within the first hour. Everybody who joined got a free copy of the poster I made for the project. It was fun to read the different pledges that were made, and I think the finished works looked very nice. The results are going to be exhibited at Det Gule Hus in Asker in January 2019. My good friend Magnus Sjöbleke participated this year as well and stayed with me a couple of nights. We had a lot of fun.

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