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Entitled | Gjøvik Kunstforening

I did an exhibition in Gjøvik in the beginning of March. Painter Elise Gegauff was also exhibiting at the same time in an adjacent room at the gallery, which was located in an old, beautiful building called Kauffeldtggården. The installing was very smooth. I drove to Gjøvik on my own on Thursday before the opening which was on Saturday. There were quite a lot of windows and the ceiling was low, so I didn't show any real big works. I titled the show ENTITLED, after my latest work which is a planned series of 30 paintings in the same size. One for every paragraph in the UN declaration of universal human rights. Only four paintings were finished so far.

The opening was nice with a kind speech from Elisabeth Fraas, the leader of the kunstforening. I didn't sell any works except for a copy of the exhibition poster I designed as usual.

Documentation from the exhibition.


Pictures from the opening.

Extract from my short introduction to the exhibition and my work.


The exhibition made the local news. Read the article here.


Pictures from the transport, installing etc.


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