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Facts And Records. Høybråten primary school - Oslo | Public commission


I was selected to a competition for a public commision at Høybråten public school in Oslo and won. It was a big commission and my submission was nine paintings and oak slats inserted into the brick wall.

As a result I was able to rent a better studio at the old chocolate factory at Rodeløkka, Oslo - and also invest in a lot of new equipment. The work was completed in January 2007.

The idea of the piece comes from my childhood fascination with a book I owned about facts and records. The work uses interesting and fascinating facts, and tries to trigger curiosity and a sense of wonder in the viewer. I mixed the texts and figurative drawings with the method for abstraction I developed to the TWT exhibition.


For the largest works I used a room in the basement of the new school as a studio, because they would be to big to move. My father and my brother helped me install.


The commission "at work".

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