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Galleri Magma

I rented Galleri Magma once more. This time together with Patrik Gustavsson. I showed only objects and installations. These works I used later to apply for art schools in Sweden and Norway.


The main piece was called Record. It was an installation in four parts. First a wall with photos. I took one photo every hour and used two rolls of film - 72 photos.

The second part is a small transparent container with feces.

The third wall is monumental image showing a part of a fingerprint extremely enlarged.

On the floor is a round mirror with lights and a small radio playing from a music station.


​The second piece was a conceptual series with three pin boards. On them were pinned the content of me and my girlfriends pin board at home, the content of my wallet at the time, and finally all the passport photos of me to that point.


​Third I chose three private objects from my home, took a photo on each of them out in the public space, and then wrapped them in plastic and exhibited them together with the photographs.


​The last series was three metaphoric objects with the word KONST (art) written on them.


These works I used to apply to art schools later that year.

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