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Sjokoladefabrikken | studio

In my search for a more abstract mode of working I developed a method to create striped images from digital photos. I took a single slot from a digital images, and extended it over the whole field thus creating a striped pattern. The method interested me because even though the result was completely abstract, it still carried a lot of information from the original image, such as colors and parts of the composition. In a way it was like a one dimensional version of a two dimensional image. But that image got "stuck", and was repeated endlessly. This stalling of the image reading resonated with me at the time.

The monochrome works comes from reducing the digital image to on single pixel. I viewed them as one dimensional representations of images extended into two dimensions.


Due to the commission at Høybråten I was able to rent a very good studio at the old chocolate factory on Rodeløkka in Oslo.

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