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Pitchfork Address | Harstad Kunstforening

In June 2023, I opened a quite big exhibition at Harstad Kunstforening. Harstad is a city in northern Norway, about 1400km from Oslo. Too far to travel by car. The art association booked me in an expensive hotel right by the sea, in the city's centre, and within walking distance from the gallery. It was during the local festival "Festspillene I Nord-Norge" so, unfortunately, the hotel was fully booked, and the room had no view. But my exhibition benefitted from the synergy.

I was very well taken care of by the staff, that was helpful and welcoming. Actually, all my works were already installed when I arrived, which was a part of the contract I had missed. I had to make some adjustments but still, a great effort.

I had an extraordinary time during the days I spent there. So beautiful, and also interesting to experience the midnight sun!


As the gallery was so far away, I had to ship the paintings in two big crates I constructed.


Hera are some photos of the trip from the airport and from the city.


During installing I noticed a family of seagulls on the roof outside the gallery windows.


The opening was great! There were speeches by Merete Kamsøy, the head of Harstad Kunstforening and from a local politician (the head of the local socialist party, which I appreciated), entertainment from two gentlemen singing and playing guitar (one of the songs was by Swedish national icon Evert Taube, after all, it was on midsummers eve) and dancing by a very talented young girl. Afterwards, we went for beers at a local pub where a band played covers from Steely Dan (one of my favourite bands). I wasn't back in my hotel until the small hours.

Most photos by Kim Wolf.


I managed to get some good documentation with the lights off in the gallery.


Order the poster below.


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