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Konstellasjoner (Noël) | Buer Gallery

This year's Christmas group exhibition in Buer Gallery was really good, I think. A few new participants as well. I participated with #488 Here We Are Now. Here, it is installed next to a work by KC Tidemann.

Once again, I could not attend due to installing my exhibition in Orkanger. But of course, I visited the show at a later date.

Participating artists:

Jo Bentdal

Nils Olav Bøe

Anja Carr

Crispin Gurholt

Katinka Goldberg

Mattias Härenstam

Per Hess

Christian Houge

Hennie Ann Isdahl

Julius Karoubi

Turid Mathiesen Kvålsvoll

Per Maning

Marit Roland

Anne Katrine Senstad

Edith Spira

Ingeborg Stana

Johan Söderström

KC Tidemand

Geir Yttervik

Morten Viskum


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