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Winter Solstice 2019 WE DANCE ALONE

As usual, as participated in Vandalerforening and Hanan Benammars annual event. This year it was held at Kroloftet at Frysja in Oslo. I did a TABLES event in the Paper Cups series. The public was invited to make imprints of paper cups in the wet filler on condition the committed to donate a voluntary amount to anything or anyone they wanted. I wrote the instructions on the wall, so the event was unsupervised. It worked quite well, but during the night after I left, there were some unrelated marks in the filler that I had to erase. I made the participants write the name of the recipients to their donations on the side of the frame. My plan was to mill the texts and fill it with white filler, which I thought would look nice. It turned out to be difficult because the writing was sometimes rather small. So I sanded off the texts and presented them on the page of the work on my site instead. There was a lot of exciting visual art in the show. I didn't stay long enough to hear all the music, but I listened to Alexanders contribution.

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