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Res Ipsa | Modum Kunstforening

In September I did an exhibition at Modum Kunstforening with the Res Ipsa concept. I did both SIT DOWN For Equality and TABLES. There was a small but enthusiastic crowd. This time I managed to do decent documentation. The Turned Table painting turned out very good. The room was beautiful on the second floor of an old villa. There was a lot of windows, and the lightning was also excellent. There was a lot of space, and I could fit almost the whole project. I got excellent documentation of the entire show. Modum Kunstforening bought one of the paintings in the PLEDGES series, which I really appreciated. It was the first work in the series to be sold. The gallery was in Vikersund, about an hours drive from Oslo. On my way back after picking up the works when the exhibition was over, I visited the Kistefos museum. That was also great.

Some pictures from transportation, installing and the opening.




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