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Att låta det obetydliga tala | Lokstallet Konsthall

I was invited to participate in a group show curated by Yngve Brothen at Lokstallet Konsthall in Strömstad, Sweden. The other participating artist were Erland Brand, Malin Ida Eriksson, Jenny Magnusson and Lars-Göran Nilsson.

A short statement from the exhibition description - "The participating artists all start from the small, insignificant and fragile. They seek all a poetic language for questions about our existence. With their very own and individual expressions and techniques, they strive to artistically visualize and give poetic ambience to these, often painful questions" (my translation from Swedish). I had 8 works in the show. One of my works were reserved by Västgöta-regionen, but the transaction were unfortunately not completed.

Documentation from the exhibition.


Pictures from the opening.


A small film by Peter Uhr from the opening.


Malin Ida Eriksson had a very interesting performance during the opening.


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