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New Works | Levanger Kunstforening

The gallery was very big with two large rooms. I exhibited a collection of works from the last year. There were a focus on my work dealing with political issues around migration in Europe. I was very happy to get to exhibit the big Lesvos work again. The Three No's were also exhibited though I couldn't show them together.

Trix Scherjon, in charge of exhibitions at Levanger Kunstforening was very helpful and also let me stay at her place during the installing. I rented a car and and transported the paintings on Thursday, installed on Friday, and the opening was on Saturday. It was a nice opening though the crowd was rather small. A young girl, Ada Torvik, performed one of her own songs which was quite beautiful. I went back home the same day.

When the exhibition was over I went back together with Nilas and transported the paintings home. The cost for the car was covered by the gallery. I sold six of the small works in the Passepartout Passport installation and the framed poster for the show. All in all I was very happy with how the show turned out.

Documentation from the exhibition.


Pictures from the opening.


Pictures from the transport, installing etc.

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