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Konst i det ofantliga rummet | Galleri Henrik Gerner


Ingunn Brevold had contact with Galleri Henrik Gerner in Moss and invited me and Cecilie Nissen, Tine Aamodt, Atle Hynne and Lise Larsen Kjelstrup to do an exhibition. The title is an untranslatable pun on the Swedish word for public space.


I was interested in the increasing digital modes of life, and especially the new uses of digital cameras as they got cheaper and more available. This was the beginning of the selfie-era. Young people started to use the camera as a toy, and not to document events. In a way narcissistic but at the same time as part of a social activity.

In my work with slits of images, as part of the process for making stripes, I came across the techique of slit-scanning. It is a camera that photographs one slit for a period of time, instead of an image field for an instant. When used in film cameras the shutter was shaped as an slit instead as a hole, and then the film was rolled passed it for exposure. Now there is apps that imitates this by using the videofunction and taking one slit from every frame and compile them to and single image. I used one of these photo apps to kind of scan images I found online. I looked on public sites for private images.

I reduced the images to their two average colors by using a diffusion filter, that exposed the pixels in the low resolution images. Then I enlarged them to big poster prints.

I also made a print series with striped prints in frames, and exhibited as an installation.

The show also included a video and three paintings made with the same technique I used for the works exhibited at LNM.

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