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Partners In Crime | Galleri Henrik Gerner


Three years later we did another exhibition at Henrik Gerner in Moss. This time it was only me, Ingunn Brevold and Tine Aamodt. As in the previous show I based my work on digital images found on public sites for private images. It was another series of adolescence kids using the camera as a tool for social interacting.


I showed 5 paintings, prints, a video and a sound piece.

All the paintings were abstracted from the same digital image.

The prints used a slightly different method. Instead of scanning the images once, I did it four times - one for each color channnel in printing - cyan, magenta, yellow and black. The images were then combined to one. The whole series can be viewed at the Print section.

The video used one of the scanned digital images from the prints as base, and were made with the same technique as before.

Also the sound piece was based on one of the digital images, but only one pixel row reduced to only 12 pixels. Thus creating a matrix for musical chord which was used in a music software and extended to over six minutes. The chord was manipulated with overlapping algorithms with different time sets, so it in principle could continue forever and never sound the same.


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