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Billedhuggerforeningen | Studio at Koster | No studio


The chocolate factory was going to be turned into housing so all the artists had to leave. So I rented a small room in the basement at Billedhuggerforeningen (the association for sculptors), that had a house very close to Carl Berner were I lived. I did some works there, where I tried to draw in the wet filler, but they didn't turned out good. Then my financial situation decreased and I had to let the studio go.

I worked a lot with digital images at the time. Some of them were meant for screens, but mainly I thought I would make big prints/posters of them. I did some tests and documented in the studio of Ebba Moi.

I did the three paintings for the exhibition at Henrik Gerner in the basement at my parents house in Sydkoster during the summer. After that I were without studio for some years.

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