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Art academy in Trondheim | Trial week

I got accepted for trial week at the academy in Trondheim. I arranged to go there with Lars-Erik and Annika. Their friend David Svensson, who also was accepted, travelled with us. We stayed in the apartment to an ex student who Annika and Lars-Erik knew. I did a big installation in three parts and a video. The image in the installation is me and my sister when we were children. The video showed a paper plane recurrently mixed with my spinning head.

It was amazing to have access to all the workshops and technicians of the school. I never had such resources at hand before. There was an interview and then I had to leave for Malmö, where I was accepted for interview. They didn't have any trial week. I never got accepted to Malmö, they actually stated in the rejection letter that they perhaps thought my work was to mature for an academy. But while I was there I got message from Trondheim that we all got accepted at the school. I was so relieved! I had tried for several years to get in to an academy. It seemed like the only way to become a professional artist. And finally I was. I felt like my life started for real at last.

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