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Jacobs Stege (Jacob's Ladder) | Galleri Matador

Through my friend Magnus Sjöbleke I got in contact with a gallery in Halmstad run by some ex students from the art school there. They let me do an exhibition there. I showed drawings made with markers and tape on transparent plastic sheets. It was images of furniture and the paintings of the swedish artist Carl Larsson. I also hade wrapped a ladder in plastic like a cocoon. And there was a sound piece called "Ordet Är Kött" (The Word Is Flesh). I have forgotten what was playing but it had something do do with magic spells like Hokus, pokus etc., if I remember correctly. And there was a simple bed made of cardboard in the corner with the word Bread written on it. That piece wasn't listed on purpose. It was supposed to be repressed in a way, but still present. The show was about social diversity, the construction of family etc.

As it happened two of the persons running the gallery, Lars-Erik Svensson and Annika Simonsson had applied to the art academy in Trondheim just like me. During my stay in Halmstad they got a reply that they were accepted for the trial week. After checking with my girlfriend back home I found out that I had no reply yet. This information laid a damper on the opening. But when I returned back home I also got the desired letter.

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