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Konstellasjoner | Buer Gallery

Tonje Buer who used to work at gallery Fine Art in Oslo contacted me this summer and asked for a studio visit on the occasion that she was starting up a new gallery on her own. This was very exciting news and after a nice meeting in my studio, I was invited to be part of the group of affiliated artist. It has been a long time goal for me to have a steady gallerist and finally it has come true. The inauguration exhibition was a group show with all the artist and some more invited on a project base. Unfortunately, I had to be in quarantine during the opening since I just had my own opening at Husby Konsthall in Stockholm. But I got to see it later and it was really good. An interesting mix of artworks and as critic Tommy Olsson said in his following review - even though the styles and mediums were very different there was still something intangible connecting them. The gallery space is amazing! The opening was a success with a long line of visitors outside the gallery.

I had moved four works of Tonjes choice to be sold on commission in the gallery. Two of them made it into the show. Here my work #163 Dotted Line hangs very nicely between the works of Marit Roland and Olav Ringdal. #162 Res Ipsa got a honory placement in the office, also visible from the gallery space.


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