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Res Ipsa | Stange Kunstforening

In June I did an exhibition for Stange Kunstforening in a venue inside the public library. Verena Kuppel also exhibited sculptures. The room was big with good lightning, but perhaps there could have been more spots. There was heaters on one of the walls which also was in concrete so I had to mount some of my work on hooks hanging from a ramp under the ceiling. Not optimal but it was ok. After the installing Verena invited me for some food at her place outside Tangen, a 15 minutes drive. It was a beautiful place, and her husband had students on a stone carving workshops there, from the school in Germany where he teaches. The students all came for the opening which was very nice. I rented a room in a small hotel town for a night, which turned out to be a villa where the top floor where made into a hotel with three rooms.

Some pictures from the the opening. I was very happy I managed to execute SIT DOWN For Equality and TABLES, though my documentation could have been better. If I had funding I would hire a photographer.




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