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Entitled | Prosjektrom Helium

When I had my exhibition at No13 Contemporary in 2017, I found out there were a studio collective that had a great project room for rent at Hydrogenfabrikken in Fredrikstad. It was called Prosjektrom Helium. I went out there to have a look, and decided to rent it a couple of weeks in the next year to do documentation in preparation for the grant applications. This spring I started to work with the Entitled series which I had a grant from the Norwegian Arts Council to finish. The space in Fredrikstad turned out to be a great place to document the series as a whole. I also wanted to use the space to document some of my larger works again, which I never really got to do properly. So I made two trips by train out to Fredrikstad after transporting the works by car. I did that the same time as I took down the exhibition in Drøbak, so I saved one trip there. First I documented the large works, and next week (after having the opening in Trollhättan) I went back and did the Entitled piece.

Tor-Magnus Lundeby at the space told me there was an event in Hydrogenfabrikken (a large art space next door) during the same time, the annual exhibition for Norwegian crafts. It would be a good time to have a small viewing of my work since there already would be a lot of people present. So I did. I had a two hour event with wine and champagne from my opening at No13 Contemporary. It was very fun. There were quite a lot of people from the event next door that made their way to my show as well, and I met some old friends from the Academy in Trondheim that lived in Fredrikstad - Jonas Qvale, Mats Linder and Helen Torp. My friends Hanan Benammar and Mattias Cantzler came from Oslo with Mattias parents, and they gave me a lift home. We ended the night in Gründerløkka.

Some pictures from the documentation and the event. Unfortunately I didn't take any when people were actually present.


Here is the documented works.


Me in front of Entitled.


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