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Art academy in Trondheim | First year

I was placed in the conceptual department which meant I was assigned a desk on the first floor of Hovedbygget, the main building. I spent the first weeks doing different kinds of try outs for basic concept art.


One of the first "real" work I made was for an school exhibition called "For Your Eyes Only". It was for the occasion of critic Lotte Sandberg visiting the school. I was the only first year student in the show. I had found an old camera instruction folder in a dumpster on my way to school. It had very beautiful and interesting illustrations. I made a colour print series with them spelling the sentence "What You See, Is What You Are".



​Next I made a series of three works which I called The Unlimited Absorption Ability Of Art . It was an attempt to find a base, or a starting point for my future artistic development. The series included an image object, an installation and a performance. In the performance I showed overheads for my fellow students and teachers. On each overhead was a word. Together the wrote - "This is a no sound performance. Any questions? The performance is now over."

Cindy & Bill

​I made a video that juxtaposed a video from Bill Viola with a gym video featuring Cindy Crawford.


Anne Catrine Dolven was guest professor at the school and had a workshop with us about art and politics. It was very interesting. I made a piece where I replicated a graffiti that I saw every day on my way to school. Under it I placed four toothbrushes in glasses with small logos of multinational corporations on them.


For a public show at Olavskvartalet before it was turned into a shopping mall I was selected to show a piece with 24 black and white prints. They represented mirrored silhouettes of countries looking like Rorschach images.


​For the first seasonal exhibition I did a three parted installation about language and desire


​There was a white box you could use for temporary project. I booked it to realize an installation called Children Starving. On the frame of each of the small self portraits it was written I'm hungry. In front of the wall was a set of clothes, the same clothes as in the photos.

Off The Wall

Finally I participated in a drawing exhibition with three images tracing the texture of the wall behind them.


In the spring I attended a the seminar "Beyond The Rule" at the academy in Malmö. Slavoj Zizek held a lecture that I found very interesting. I have been influenced by his writing on culture and the psychoanalytics of Jacques Lacan ever since.

I lived in a collective at Ilsviken with Ebba Moi and Julie Edel Hardenberg.

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