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#58 Not Our Sea

#58 Not Our Sea

125x100 cm | Filler, oak frame
  • About

    "Not Our Sea" deals with the concept of displacement. The title refers to the Roman expression for the Mediterranean as Mare Nostrum (Our Sea), which also gave name to Operation Mare Nostrum, a year-long rescue operation commenced by Italia to handle the increasing number of refugees arriving by sea.
     At the heart of the work is the mixed feelings of fear and desire evoked by the image of an empty horizon and its relevance to the possible experience within the human mind, not to feel entirely at home in itself.

  • Note

    Unfortunately, this work has bent and must be pressed to the wall with at least one hook when mounted. It is available at a reduced price.

  • Sign

    Sign is an array of works that are more or less vaguely is resembling phenomena in reality. They are not representing specific things or places but utilises how perception is always searching for specific shapes, which is related to different categories in the language of the mind.

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