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Intersections Grønland, Oslo

Intersections Grønland, Oslo

100x60 cm each (incl. 5cm of white border) | Colour print on pvc or 220g paper | Edition of 6
  • Intersection Grønland, Oslo

    Series of 16 prints of 4 different intersections along Grønlandsleiret in Grønland, Oslo. 4 images from each intersections. The district is known for a high degree of diversity and low income population, despite it´s location in the centre of the city. The series deals with issues of gentrification and cityplanning, as well as with aspects of cultural integration.

  • Production technique

    Made from 4 individual slit scans mounted together and rasterized individaully. One for each colour channel in the CMYK.

  • Buy whole series or set of 4.

    The whole series, or sets of 4 prints from each intersection, can be purchased at a discount price. They are also sold individually. Please scroll in the Prints-section.

kr20 000,00Price