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#144 Entitled

#144 Entitled

60x80 cm | Filler, oak frame

  • About

    The works in this series are done by pressing down the filler vertically until it reaches a depth of 6mm.

    There are 30 paintings in the series, the same as the articles in the UN's Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Today human rights are often used in a game of ideology to promote hidden agendas. It is necessary to discuss the status of their universality. Where does a universal right end and privilege begin?
    In the same ways as the paintings in this series can be perceived as many thin slices of one three-dimensional form, perhaps the articles in the declaration can be understood as different slices of one bigger, more fundamental human right. Every subject in this world, everyone carrying a name, is equally entitled to these rights. So this one fundamental right would be the equality of all humans. This primordial ethic behind the declaration is usually suppressed in favour of the particularity of the different rights.

  • Press


    The Entitled series is part of Press, an array of works made by pressing down the filler with a horizontal plane, thus expanding it outwards.

    Reminiscent of Richard Serra's Verb List I try to use simple and clearly defined actions to shape the filler in my works. This way there is always non-cognitive aspects of the production process.

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