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#106 Distal View - Trandum

#106 Distal View - Trandum

119x119 cm | Filler, oak frame

  • About

    The measures of the painting are the same as an actual window in the Trandum Immigration Detention Center. A photo of the view from the window is used as the base for the work's composition.

  • Distal End

    Distal means situated away from the point of attachment. Science of perception uses the term distal stimuli for objects and events out in the world about you. These works deals with the inaccessibility of reality and, at the same time, our interdependency with it.

  • Sign

    Sign is a compilation of works that more or less vaguely resemble phenomena in reality. They do not represent specific things or places but utilise how perception is always searching for particular shapes related to different categories in the language of the mind.

kr22 000,00Price