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#56 Die Toteninsel

#56 Die Toteninsel

122x100 cm | Filler, oak frame
  • About

    This work belong to the painting series "Inter" which depicts islands, shores, horisontlines and such. Meetings between different modes of materiality. It is a paraphrase of the work from the German painter Arnold Böcklin in 1886.

    The motives of islands and archipelagos relates to the subjects detachment from the surrounding reality. As islands in a sea. The subject is according to Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, by definition detached - "a reflection in otherness within at itself". It is precisely by observing from the outside, by separating itself from the environment, that its status as subject arises.
    On the other hand, the island-motive also evokes the famous quote of John Locke -"No man is an island". In fact, every human being is connected underneath the surface, and we can´t exist without each other. Humanism and empathy is, in the wake of the present global refugee crises is, of utmost importance.

  • Sign

    Sign is an array of works that are more or less vaguely is resembling phenomena in reality. They are not representing specific things or places but utilises how perception is always searching for specific shapes, which is related to different categories in the language of the mind.

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