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#112 Spread

#112 Spread

90x123 cm | Filler, oak frame

  • About

    Spread is a series of work which composition is made by pressing down the filler and letting it form itself, much like rolling out dough. To roll was the first verb on Richard Serra's Verb List. It functioned as a kind of manifest for Serra's way of producing sculptures. To spread is also on the list. It´s about making art by by exposing a material to different kinds of forces.


    The image on the surface also functions as a cross section of a potensial three dimensional form, which would continue outwards into the room, and do so inwards into the work. A percieved image is always a cross section of the sum of lightbeams passing through a plane, or a screen, at a certain moment. All my works deals with the relationship between images and the real world. An image is a two dimensional sign, a unsubstantial idea, that needs to be presented in physical matter, a three dimension reality, to exist.


    The series is about the fact that pressure is what defining how everything is shaped. The form of an object is a description of the different pressures, or forces, working upon it. The same goes for all phenomena, like societies and personalities. The pressures working on us is revealed in how we act and present ourselves.

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