#268 Letters

#268 Letters

64x84 cm each, installation dimensions variable | Filler, oak frame

  • About

    When exhibited this work should be installed lying on the ground, only elevated by small pieces of oak strips, similar to the frame. They can be placed in different ways but always in slightly irregular angels.


    Language might be understood as tool to cultivate and organise the chaotic and incomprehensible matter of reality. We use prayers, curses, science and other expressions of language to do this. But most of all jurisdiction and law. Some laws and declarations seize to function for different reasons. They are declared as dead letters. This is matter re-entering the landscape of language like nature taking over abandoned buildings.

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    To the mind, a word is always also an image. In that sense, understanding words function no different than normal perception. When we see, images are constructed inside the mind. We never perceive reality objectively or in itself. Perception is an interpretation and thus consist of language, in the same manner as understanding words.
    However, to use language, we have to speak or write it. We have to realize it. Nothing ever communicates without being inscribed into a