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#255 Bilderberg

#255 Bilderberg

64x84 cm | Filler, oak frame

  • About

    The title of this series refers to the infamous annual Bilderberg meetings where several influential people from Europe and north america since 1954 attend a conference which aims to promote western-style capitalism. The lack of transparency around the informal group and its meetings has generated a lot of criticism and spurred several conspiracy theories.
    In many ways, capitalism is a faceless ideology. There is no specific leaders or movement behind its progress and dominance. It seems to be somehow omnipresent and grow beyond control. This creates uncertainty about exactly which forces that is responsible for its political achievements.

  • Note

    The series as a whole is a separate work, that can be installed in different ways.

    The works in the series are produced in pairs or triples. This work is connected to #254. Please consider purchasing this as well. Buying several works at a time prompts a 20% discount. Write "Bilderberg" in the checkout coupon field.

  • Roll

    Roll is a compilation of work made by rolling the filler until it reaches the depth of the rim of the frame. The method of letting a single action shape the work is reminiscent of Richard Serra's Verb List. It functioned as a kind of manifest for Serra's way of producing sculptures. To roll is first on the list. It´s about making art by simply exposing a matter to different kinds of forces.

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