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Tablet | Sarpsborg Kunstforening

In October I did a new, smaller version of the Tablet exhibition at Sarpsborg Kunstforening . The gallery is called Galleri St. Marie and is located in the new House of Culture. I rented a room at Hotell 1016 Olav Digre for me and Sapideh who joined me for the trip. It was an interesting experience, the place was rather old with a very nice but slightly excentric night manager. They had a cool display in one of the windows facing the street to promote the hotel. There's a picture of it below. When I returned to the room after installing, the smoke alarm went off and some of the guests were kicked out due to smoking in the rooms. But the breakfast was very nice.

Installing was smooth as usual. I had brought to many works though and had to store a few of them behind the counter.

The opening was very pleasant, though the audience was small. There was a good speech by artist Gerd Wevling Matre and dance by local youth. I did a TABLES event as usual. Afterwards, we visited the impressive hydropower plant in Sarpefossen, Europes biggest waterfall according to Wikipedia.


TABLES Dots And Pixels were executed during the opening and resulted in the work #297 Turned Table - Dots And Pixels. Watch a video of me introducing the work at the product page.




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