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Shadow Government | Kragerø Kunstforening

In June I did an exhibition in the summer city of Kragerø by the sea. Because of the time and the place I decided to make a small vacation out of it. I booked an apartment in a small place called Sagesund for me and my family (except for the older kids). It happened to be on top of a gallery, and they were preparing for an opening with artist Per Fronth. It was a beautiful place with a rose garden and a small lake right by the house. We stayed there for a week after the opening and swam and made trips in the area. I found out that my friend Marius Martinussen from the academy in Trondheim had made a mural on the adjacent bridge.

Here are some pictures of the beautiful place in Sagesund. The installing process went smooth and the staff at the Kunstforening were very friendly.

The gallery had put up posters all over town.


The opening went excellent even though it was during the epidemic.

My speech.


Here is the documentation.


Here you can read the press release (in Swedish)



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