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Tegning og tekst | Tegnerforbundet

At the end of our joint three months residency, we, the selected group of five artists, did a group show at the gallery of Tegnerforbundet in Oslo as part the project "Tegning og tekst" (Drawing and text) by Tegnerforbundet (Norwegian Association for drawing) and Nordic artist centre Dale (NKD). The group was Ebba Bring, Sebastian Larsmo, Torgeir Husevaag, Kirsten Opstad and myself. Because of the pandemic, the exhibition was delayed a couple of weeks. Which we didn't mind because at first, we thought it was going to be cancelled. The staff at the gallery was very accommodating. We had made a plan in advance with the model that Arild H. Eriksen, the director of NKD had made, and it worked out quite fine in real life. There was some minor adjustment of course. We had a good time installing and eating lunch and dinners at restaurants around the gallery. The weather was very nice, and it was beautiful and a bit overwhelming to be back in Oslo after such a long time in isolation at the art centre in Dale. I had designed a folder for the exhibition with images and Arilds text, and we made 200 copies at my usual print shop. I painted the walls behind my works in a light grey. Perhaps to light, it was hard to see the difference to the white walls. But I think it made the white in my paintings to pop a little bit. When the exhibition was ready, we had a walk-through with the staff.

Some pictures from the installing period. I also prepared my participatory project TABLES Review.


The opening was a big success, in my opinion. There were only 50 persons allowed in the gallery at the time, so there was a line outside for almost an hour! There were speeches from Hilde Lunde, the gallery director, Arild H. eriksen fron Dale and the chairman of the jury that had selected us. A met a lot of friends for the first time in a long time and had so much fun. Almost my whole family was there, and it was great to show my work in Oslo where I live, and in such an excellent and prestigious gallery. And it was such a relief to finally have a haircut after three months!


Here is images of the the TABLES Review participatory art event.


Tegnerforbundet and NKD produced a series of videos with us, to promote the exhibition. They turned out very well. Here is mine. You can watch the others here.


Here is documentation of the exhibition.


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