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Fluke | Galleri Rostrum

After the exhibitions at Konsthallen Lokstallet and Konsthallen Trollhättan curated by Yngve Brothén me, Malin Ida Eriksson and Lars Göran Nilsson decided to try to do something more together. We developed the concept Fluke and wrote an application that we passed around to several venues in Sweden. After a while, we were offered an exhibition at Galleri Rostrum in Malmö. It is an artist-run gallery space, relatively small but super fine rooms. I took my time getting there, stopping to meet my friend Magnus Sjöbleke in Göteborg. I had booked a room at hotel Astoria that was very nice and by chance right beside the gallery.

Some pictures from my trip and the installing. I had done some new works in the Paper Cups series that I decided could be fitting. For a while, I thought of making the Mandala works as a performance during the opening. Instead, I changed my mind and filmed the production in my studio instead. Lars Göran showed a beautiful installation and Malin had made new and exciting works as a continuation of her performance from the year before. Me and Lars Göran shared the bigger room and Malin showed her pieces in the smaller inner room. There was a short hallway as well that we shared with some smaller works each.


The opening was so much fun, I met several old friends from both the academy in Trondheim and from Lunnevad folkhögskole. And my cousins Karin and Fredrik came! Karin even ended up buying one of my big works after the exhibition :) After the opening we were treated to a superb dinner at a very good restaurant down town.

A small video of me talking taken by my cousin Fredrik.

On my way home I stopped in Halmstad and saw some excellent exhibitions at Halmstad Museum.




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