White And Grey | Halden Kunstforening

September 28, 2019

In end of September I opened an exhibition at Halden Kunstforening. I simply called it White And Grey because it was no over all theme and I didn´t want to use New Works (not all works were super new). The gallery was in a beautiful old house at Rød herregård. There was also a café. Installing was smooth, though the spotlights were a bit hard. I tried to soften them in post production of the documentation but it was too tricky. It was a nice opening, Mona and Kristin from the kunstforening was very helpful, with a small crowd. I also did the TABLES event, it was a bit slow in the beginning but the work turned out nice in the end.

When I returned to Halden on the last day to transport the works, there was a couple linguring because they had just purchased #157 Precari. I had a interesting chat with them. I also sold two works in the End Of Conversation/Basta Ya series, which I was very happy with, because the I had the opportunity to produce two more works in the series (one for the next show in Førde). Hanan Benammar kept me company on the return trip and we had a nice lunch at an old retro style motel on the way home.


 Some pictures from transportation, installing and the opening.





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