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New Works | Nordberg Fort

I was invited to do a summer exhibition at Nordberg Fort, a part of Vestagdermuseet at Lista in the very south of Norway. The show was curated by Galleri Lista Fyr. The gallery space was in an old house called Rødbygget. The fort was build by the nazis during the ockupation, but is now a museum. The room was beautiful with a light green/grey walls. I brought my kids down with me during the installing and made it to a small holiday. We stayed at a hostel in the old airfield, and drove to the different sights of the island, like the old lighthouse.

The opening was a nice event with the generous and warm Alfred Vaagsvold from Galleri Lista Fyr. The mother of an classmate to one of my kids showed up, which I appriciated.

Some pictures from installing and the the opening.




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