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Entitled | Surnadal Billag

My ex-professor from the academy in Trondheim, Jon Arne Mogstad, founded an art space and residency in his old hometown Surnadal. It's located in an old bus garage and reusing the name Surnadal Billag. I approached him and he let me do an exhibition in the space. Surnadal is a 7-8 hour drive from Oslo in Møre Romsdal. It was a beautiful but slightly hazardous trip since the weather suddenly was rather cold, and the guy I rented the car from forgot to change the tires. But I made it there and back in one piece. Since the art space also functions as a residency I was able to stay in a nice apartment close by the gallery. It had two rooms and a kitchen. I arrived on Thursday evening and installed the works on Friday. The main room is over 200m2 and about 4-5m high under the ceiling. I decided to take the opportunity to do another installment of the Entitled series. This time place them in groups. I'm very happy with the result. We had an opening on Saturday and there was a small group of people attending despite the size of Surnadal and the fact that the event only was advertised on Facebook. Afterward, I was treated to a fantastic "klippfisk" meal at a local establishment that opened the doors just for us (and because they were doing some catering that day). The food had a very high standard, with accompanying dessert and a bottle of red wine. I drove home early the next day.

Some pictures from the trip, the place and the opening.




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