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Kunstnernes åpne klimamikk 2017

I was invited by Siri Austeen and CAN (CONCERNED ARTISTS NORWAY) to do a short talk and show a work at a one-day event in the public library in Oslo - Deichmannske. I know Siri since she did a project called MUE (Mobil Utstillings Enhet) at the Academy in Trondheim while I was studying there, and in which I participated. When she called me I was very glad, because I don't get invitations like that at all. But also nervous. The event was a part of Klimafestivalen § 112, and I wasn't really sure my work was about the environment per se. But we decided that my engagement in refugees was relevant also for this. I was going to present my latest work PASSEPARTOU - PASSPORTS, which I'm going to exhibit at Galleri vanntårnet later in march.

I don't like talking in public about my work, or about anything I guess. First I tried to write something down, but that only made me more nervous. So I just decided to put down a basic order of what I could mention. It went ok I think, but it felt like I was babbling. My friend H.C. Gilje was also talking. We went in the same class at the academy, and though he lives in Oslo, I rarely meet him. It was nice.

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