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Carl Berner 2013 | studio

But in 2013 things started changing. I started renting the studio again and began doing new works. In the fall I met a woman, we started a relationship and she encouraged me to continue with my work which at the time was precisely what I needed. She also helped me to resolve personal and health related issues that had limited me for a long time, though I had not fully realized it until now. In the beginning the work picked up slowly because I worked full time, and didn't have any exhibition scheduled.

The last work I had done before I left the studio in 2012 was a striped work with only white and grey. It was without pigment, I only used coarse and fine filler. Now I decided to only use this as a material for a while. I also found the stripes to be a dead end and needed a new way to work. I didn't wanted to go back to use photographs and overhead projections. So I started to work with text.

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