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Entitled | E-bok

Entitled | E-bok

Artist book | 56 pages


The Entitled Suite was realised in 2018. I began exhibiting the works before the whole series was produced and continued throughout the year. In August the Suite was completed and exhibited for the first time at Prosjektrom Helium in Fredrikstad, Norway and then at Surnadal Billag, Norway. Parts of the series was exhibited at Gjøvik Kunstforening, Galleri Jessheim/Ullensaker Kunstforening and Drøbak Kunstforening. The production was supported by the Norwegian Arts Council.

This book shows images of the whole suite and documentation from the exhibitions. It also has an essay, "Are human rights enough?" by Samuel Moyn.

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  • About the Entitled Suite

    There are 30 paintings in the suite — the same amount as the articles in the UNs Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Today the human rights are often used in a game of ideology, to promote hidden agendas. It is necessary to discuss the status of their universality. Where does a universal right end, and privilege begin?

    In the same ways as the paintings in this suite can be perceived as many thin slices of one three dimensional form, perhaps the articles in the declaration can be understood as different slices of one bigger, more fundamental human right. Every subject in this world, everyone carrying a name, are equally entitled to these rights. So that one fundamental right would be the equality of all humans. This primordial ethic behind the declaration is usually suppressed in favour of the particularity of the different rights.

    See and purchase the works here.

  • About Samuel Moyn

    Samuel Moyn is professor of law and history at Yale University, and the author of Not Enough: Human Rights in an Unequal World (Harvard)