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#486 Language Lesson

#486 Language Lesson

Installation dimensions variable, painting 84x64 cm | Filler, oak panels, table legs, glass, paper

  • About

    This is an installation with the painting #485 A Room With A View and a table. Under a sheet of glass on the table is a piece of paper torn in two along the centre.

    Behind every linguistic expression is a desire to reach out to the outside world, which is in a place inaccessible to the conscious self. The subject exists exclusively in a strictly linguistic domain. The most essential component of language is the cut. Distinguishing one from the other is the basis of all linguistic categories. This purely semantic gesture has no foundation in the material. In the physical register, referred to in psychoanalytic theory as the Real, there are no clear boundaries; everything is connected to everything.

  • Res Ipsa

    Res Ipsa is a compilation of works made by an act shaping the filler once it is prepared inside the frame. The works thus function as a recording device and give a statement of the event taking place while the filler was still wet.

    Res Ipsa is Latin for "the thing itself" and is part of the juridical term "Res ipsa loquitur" (the thing speaks for itself), used when an injury or accident in itself clearly shows who is responsible, such as an instrument left inside a body after surgery.

kr20 000,00Price