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#244 Shadow Government

#244 Shadow Government

64x84 cm | Filler, oak frame

  • About

    Shadow Government is a concept that describes the conspiratorial notion that real power does not lie with the elected people but resides with individuals who exercise it behind the scenes, hidden from the control of society and the public. But perhaps it is also so, that the individual subject does not have complete control over one's impulses and actions. This series is about the stranger in ourselves. How our self-awareness and self-control is in many ways a facade, and that there are forces within us that we do not have ownership of or understand. But still is somehow part of what we are. This reflects our relationship with the outside world. How elements in it feel alien, and that our fear/loathing for this arises from, or is reinforced by, our fear of the alien in ourselves. Visuality is very much at play here. We often feel the same way for that we cannot see, but which nevertheless affects us.

  • Roll

    Roll is a compilation of work made by rolling the filler until it reaches the depth of the rim of the frame. The method of letting a single action shape the work is reminiscent of Richard Serra's Verb List. It functioned as a kind of manifest for Serra's way of producing sculptures. To roll is first on the list. It´s about making art by simply exposing a matter to different kinds of forces.

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