July 1, 1999

Since there were many swedes in our class we also did an exhibition at Edsvik Konsthall. It was fun to show my work to my old friends from Stockholm. My parents also came.

June 1, 1999

For my graduation show I made a large painting installation of eight works. They all had the same motif, the same female face I used in a painting before. From the Kodak instruction folder I found in the first year. I liked the symmetric of that even though it was not important for the work. The image was projected onto the...

February 1, 1999

Me and some friends thought it was a good idea to apply for exhibitions as a group. It was Lars-Erik Svensson, Annika Simonsson, Tine Aamodt and Cecilie Nissen. We immediately got a positive reply from the Oslo based gallery Christian Damm. At a protracted sushi dinner we decided that the groups name would be ACME, as the p...

November 1, 1998

 I was invited to the annual Unge Inviterte at LNM (the Norwegian association for painters) together with Liv Eiene and Annika Simonsson. That made me very proud.

September 1, 1998

In the summer and during the year I worked for Dataskilt, a small sign business and had access to adhesive vinyl and coated aluminum for good prices. So for a while I started producing paintings based on digital files instead. I have no documentaion of these works, but this is scanned printouts. The actual work was very sim...

July 1, 1998

Susanna Hesselberg invited me, Björn Hegardt, Ebba Moi and Jens Nilsson to do a show at a gallery in Borgholm during the summer 1998. I exhibited the vinyl works I made at Dataskilt. The opening was very fun, Patrik Gustavsson and Linn Fernström came. We slept at my cousins summer place on Alvaret. I never had the works ret...

March 1, 1998

I was very proud to be selected to the annual collective show with these three works. I had participated in something called Desemberutstillingen at Trondheim Kunstmuseum the year before, but I can't remember with which work.

February 1, 1998

The painting department was invited to do a show at gallery F15 in Moss. They had heard that the activity was high at the school. I showed this constellation, but this is not documentation of the piece as it was installed. The works were further apart. I sold the painting of Times Square in the middle to an unknown buyer.


August 31, 1997

In the summer break I stayed at the school and had the whole painting department at the fourth floor of the main building to myself. My first work was a monumental diptych , 360x240 cm, with Robert De Niro from Taxidriver on the left an an image of a dogs head to the right. I called it A Woman Left Lonely, after the song of...

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